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Competitive Tinies (must be 5 by 31st Dec 2024)


SATURDAY 10am-11:30am

Team 1: Danae McGregor, Assistant Kristen Davies

Team 2: Kate Loveridge & Monique Brown 

TUESDAY 4:30pm-5:45pm

Kerry Kruger, Assistant Anjalie Kruger

Non-Competitive Tinies (ages 3-7)

SATURDAY 9am-10am

Purple Team 4-7yrs - Kristen Davies

Blue Team 3-4yrs - Olivia Sutton


White Team 4-5yrs - Olivia Sutton

**all ages as at Dec 31st 2024


Sub-Juniors (ages 8-10)


WEDNESDAY 4:45pm-6:45pm
Team 1: Bianca Eglinton, Assistant Coaches Emily Gray & Ebony Sellick 
Team 2: Ashleigh Sutherland & Di Sutherland, Assistant Coach Tiarnah Delaat (Level 1 Trainee)


Juniors (ages 11-13)


THURSDAY 5:30pm-8:30pm
Team 1: Kayla Mitchell, Assistant Coaches Zoe Koutroumanidis & Sally Hoskin

Team 2: Emma Belton & Megan Belton, Assistant Coach Megan Naylor

Team 3: Olivia Cooper & Samantha Williams, Assistant Coach Louise Quin

Intermediates (ages 14-17)


TUESDAY 6:30pm-9:30pm
Team 1: Kate Loveridge & Danae McGregor

Team 2: Lisa Horwood & Megan Taylor

Team 3: Kylie Mazey & Nicolette Welford

Seniors (ages 18+)


WEDNESDAY 7pm-10pm
Team 1: Kate Loveridge, Assistant Coaches Danae McGregor & Lisa Horwood

Team 2: Lisa Horwood, Assistant Coaches Kate Loveridge & Danae McGregor


Masters (ages 26+)


MONDAY 7pm-10pm
Karyn Kelly & Assistant Coach Alexia Kohlmorgen


Recreational Masters (ages 26+)

THURSDAY 7:30pm-9pm

Kate Loveridge

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