Kate Loveridge, Principal Coach

Head Senior, Intermediate Co-Coach, Junior 1 Co-Coach

  • Founder of Innovation

  • Calisthenics career spanning 37 years with my coaching career commencing in 1995

  • Coach 2008 Intermediate National Team

  • Coach of winning State Soloists and Duos, and National placegetters

  • Senior Championship level coach for 16 years

  • Accredited Level 2 Maintenance Adjudicator

  • Trained in ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, tap, as well as competitive jazz and contemporary dance


As a qualified Clinical Psychologist, I have been an invited speaker on Sports Psychology at both the National and State Coaching Conferences, as well provide education on psychology based topics to the Adjudicators both in SA and Interstate. I have a passion for Calisthenics. I love both the creative process of choreography, as well as the structure and focus of coaching fundamental calisthenic skills. As Principal Coach of Innovation Calisthenics, I look forward to both mentoring new coaches as well as developing the skills of all participants, regardless of experience at Innovation.

Danae McGregor

Assistant Seniors Coach, Intermediate Co-Coach, Assistant Coach Tinies 1

  • Co-Coach of the winning Innovation Intermediate Team in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 (including RSSS Ballarat) and Assistant Coach of the winning Innovation Senior Team in 2017, 2018

  • Team coach since 1996 of Sub-Junior, Junior, Intermediate age groups at Championship level

  • Coach of many winning State Soloists and Duos, and National placegetters

  • Coach of Sub-Junior and Junior SA National Teams (2004, 2005, 2007). Assistant Coach Senior National Team 2014

  • Calisthenics Examiner since 2004 qualified to Grade 4

  • Accredited Adjudicator


Danae has a long history involved in Calisthenics both as a competitor and coach. She has studied ballet, jazz, contemporary and general gymnastics. She has also trained many students to achieve their Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.

Lisa Horwood

Intermediate Team 2 Co-Coach, Assistant Seniors Coach

  • Coach of Innovation Junior Team in 2013 - 2019

  • Calisthenics Skills Bronze Medallist

  • CASA Senior Championship Finalist Graceful Solo 2015, 2013

  • Royal South Street Ballarat Graceful Soloist 2011

  • Represented South Australia in 8 State/ National Teams

  • Winner CASA Senior Duo Title in 2012

  • Bachelor of Education R-7/Bachelor of Arts


Karyn Kelly

Masters Coach

  • Coach of the winning Masters 45 yrs and over team for 2016 at the Pan Pac Masters games with 4 gold medals and four first places at the 2016 CASA Masters competition.

  • 3 time winner with partner Sue Horwood of the over 45 duo competition at Pan Pac Masters games.

  • Innovation Masters Team coach for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

  • Coach of various levels of Sub-Junior, Junior, Intermediate and Senior teams at both Seaton and Reynella-Braeview Calisthenics Clubs including successful, solo, duo and graceful competitors to champ level.

  • Life member of Seaton Calisthenics Club

  • Represented SA in 5 Ballarat state teams

  • Winner CASA Intermediate graceful title 1976

  • Former aerobics instructor for 20 years

  • Competed in all age categories on and off for over 30 years

Alexia Kohlmorgen

Masters 2 Coach

  • Competed in calisthenics for over 37 years

  • Represented SA in 9 State and National teams 

  • Achieved Calisthenics Skills Silver Medal 

  • Coached all age groups since 1995, including Graceful Girls

  • Coached the 2006 SA Senior Ballarat team

  • Trained in classical and jazz ballet, tap, funk, hip hop, Latin American and Ballroom Dancing -

  • Danced in the SA Precision Team at the 2000 Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Kim Hansen

Junior 1 Co-Coach

  • Co-Coach of Innovation Sub-Junior 2 /Tinies 2 Team in 2016

  • Commenced coaching in 2011

  • Coach of SA Intermediate State Development Team 2015

  • Successful coach of many graceful and Calisthenics Soloists and Duos including coach of National Graceful Soloists 2016

  • Represented South Australia in 5 State/ National Teams

  • Participant in SA precision Team 2015

  • Calisthenics competitor for over 16 years and member of Innovation Senior Team.

Emma Belton

Junior 2 Coach

Hayley Worsman

Assistant Coach Junior 2 (Level 1 Trainee)

  • Has been involved in calisthenics for 13 years as a competitor and also now as a coach of gracefuls and solos

  • Has represented SA in 9 National teams, 7 of those with 1st place

  • Represented SA at Nationals in many graceful solos and in 2017 received 1st place in the Intermediate section 

  • Won CASA Intermediate Championship Solo in 2018

  • Completed Year 12 in 2019 and studying a Bachelor of Criminology at Flinders in 2020

Shauni Jensen

Assistant Coach Junior 2

  • Has been a competitor in Calisthenics for 15 years, accredited Level 1 Coach since 2016

  • Assistant Coach for Junior teams in 2016

  • Represented South Australia in two Development teams, one of which was a winning team

  • Has competed in gracefuls and solos

  • Current member of Innovation Senior Championship team

Louise Quin

Junior 3 Co-Coach

  • Assistant of Innovation Tinies Teams 2016

  • Calisthenics Competitor for over 20 years reaching senior Championship level

  • Assistant Coach/class demonstrator for 5+ years for various age sections

  • Rhythmic Gymnastic Coach since 2014

  • Costume designer/seamstress for over 10 years

  • Current career as facepaint artist and mother

I am a 2nd generation cali girl and a proud cali mum. Although I took time out of the sport, calisthenics has always been apart of me. Since I can remember I have created routines in my loungeroom and still do to this day. I am looking forward to coaching in 2017 and to be able to spread the joy that this sport has brought to me through all these years.

Tab Schwanck

Junior 3 Co-Coach, Assistant Coach Saturday Tinies

Kayla Kearney

Sub-Junior 1 Coach

  • Coach of Innovation Sub-Junior Team in 2013 -present

  • Head Coach Sub-Junior National Team 2017

  • Assistant Coach of SA National Teams 2011-2016

  • Coach of many winning State Soloists and Duos, and National placegetters

  • Represented South Australia in 13 State/ National Teams

  • Member of CALSAC committee

  • Bachelor of Education R-7/Bachelor of Arts


Kayla is one of SA’s most respected coaches. This will be Kayla’s 30th year of Calisthenics and continues to achieve great success both as a competitor and coach. Once again Kayla is excited to work with our talented Innovation Sub-Juniors and to watch these young members grow in confidence and skill.

Jessica Kuckhahn

Assistant Coach Sub-Junior 1

  • Started Calisthenics in 1988 and recently retired in 2015

  • Sub-Junior Class Assistant in 2015 and 2016

  • Competitor in Senior Championship teams.

  • Competed multiple times in Ballarat at the Royal South Street Competition.

  • Bachelor of Education, Junior Primary/Primary

Sara Bartholomew

Assistant Coach Sub-Junior 1

  • Began calisthenics at age 2

  • Represented SA in 3 National teams, 2 of which were winning teams

  • Winner of 2013 National Intermediate Duo 

  • In 2015 placed 2nd in CASA Senior Championship Solo

  • Has assisted with the Sub-Junior 1 team for a number of years

Bianca Eglinton

Sub-Junior 2 Coach

  • Calisthenics Skills Bronze and Silver Medallist

  • Represented South Australia in 8 National Teams

  • Winner of 2015 National Intermediate Solo

  • 3rd place CASA Senior Championship Graceful solo 2015

  • 3rd place CASA Senior Championship Solo 2016

  • Assistant Coach of Innovation Sub-Junior 2 2016

  • Competitor in Calisthenics for 15 years, accredited Level 1 Coach since 2016

  • Current member of Innovation Senior Championship team

Tahlia Lord

Assistant Coach Sub-Junior 2

  • Has been doing calisthenics for 18 years

  • Has been in 12 National teams

  • Has won the CASA Graceful Girl title 3 times

  • Has competed in Graceful at Nationals 5 times

  • Is a current member of the Innovation Senior Championship team

Sally Hoskin

Sub-Junior 3 Co-Coach

  • Been involved in calisthenics for 40 years (celebrating this milestone in 2020)

  • Has 26yrs of coaching experience in all age groups

  • Represented SA in State teams 4 times

  • Assisted with the Darwin Development Team

Olivia Cooper

Sub-Junior 3 Co-Coach

  • Co-Coach of the Innovation Sub-Junior 2/3 Team in 2015-2016

  • Began Calisthenics at age 5, and commenced coaching in 2015

  • Assistant of SA Sub-Junior State Development Team 2015

  • Competitor in Senior Championship Teams, as well as the prestigious Royal South Street Senior Championship competition

  • Coach of Graceful and Calisthenic Soloists

Megan Taylor

Tinies 1 Competitive Coach, Assistant Coach Intermediates

  • Calisthenics competitor for over 20 years, with 7 years at Senior Championship level including competing in Ballarat in Royal South Street Competitions

  • Assistant Coach 2008 Intermediate National Team

  • Assistant Coach Senior Championship Team 2006/2007

  • Accredited Level 1 Coach since 2006

  • Coach of Championship Graceful & Solo placegetters

  • Represented South Australia in 3 Ballarat State Teams

  • Member of 1999 Australian Drill Dance Team tour of USA

  • Studied Bachelor of Dance

  • Costume designer & seamstress

Megan Naylor

Tinies 2 Competitive Coach

  • Involved with calisthenics for 27 years

  • Team coach for 13 years coaching Tinies through to Intermediates

  • Numerous graceful, solo and duo place getters in all age groups

  • Has completed all skill levels up to and including Grade 4

  • Coached pupils through the skills program up until Grade 3

  • Coach of 2014 CASA Junior Darwin Development Team

  • Assistant Coach of 2012 and 2013 CASA Junior Darwin Development Teams

  • Represented the state in 6 State/National Teams

  • Mentored new coaches starting their journey into coaching

  • Currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing

Olivia Sutton

Assistant Co-Coach Tinies 2

  • 2020 is my 17th year of calisthenics

  • Competed in Gracefuls and Solos since 2011

  • Member of the Junior/Intermediate Darwin Development teams in 2014 and 2015

  • Class Assistant from the age of 10

  • Level 1 certified coach since 2019

  • Current member of the Innovation Senior Championship team

Samantha Williams

Assistant Co-Coach Tinies 2 (Level 1 Trainee)

  • Began calisthenics in 1994 at Kangaroo Island Calisthenics Club

  • Competed for 15 years from Sub-Juniors - Masters

  • Competed in three Pan Pacific Masters Games with the Innovation Masters team

  • Masters Graceful Solo competitor since 2017

  • Current member of the Innovation Masters team

Kristen Davies

Tinies Non-Competitive Coach (Saturday)

  • Started calisthenics in 1991 at Port Augusta Calisthenics Club

  • Competed in two Pan Pacific Masters Games for All Class Masters 

  • Accredited level 1 coach since 2017

Kerry Kruger

Tinies Non-Competitive Coach (Tuesday)

  • Began calisthenics at age 7

  • Trained and competed in jazz ballet, cheerleading, aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics

  • Graceful and Solo coach

  • Coach of Innovation Tinies (non-competitive) since 2015

  • Pilates/Yoga/Barre Instructor/Personal Trainer

  • Completed Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies and works as a Developmental Educator providing therapy to children through dance

Sarah Worsman

Ballet/Technique Coach Saturday morning

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